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Unbiased news to the educated layperson with as little filtration as possible. With integrity & honesty & without assumption or emotional influence every morning.

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Biznews.com is a disruptive internet publishing business which was founded in August 2013. It embraces Jeff Bezos’s Day One philosophy using software instead of people wherever possible, thus freeing its brainpower to focus on fulfilling an obsessive customer focus. It is a fully remote business, has no physical head office and a team spread across the world. With hubs in London, Johannesburg and Cape Town, Biznews is uniquely positioned to serve South Africans with a global mindset through independent reporting and commentary on local and global issues that affect their lives. The subscription service, Biznews Premium, features bespoke commentary, exclusive WhatsApp and Twitter channels, investment webinars and a partnership with the Wall Street Journal offering full access to wsj.com. If you would like to contact any member of the team, the email convention is the person’s first name followed by biznews.com – i.e. alec@biznews.com.


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