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Taking Digital Media, data and customised engagement to the next level!


We should no longer talk about what digital strategy to adopt. Digital is ubiquitous - we live in a digitally functioning world.

Reasons for utilising Media|Connect:

  • We create innovative solutions for brands like Webinars, Interviews, Sponsored content, Video, Advertising dominance, Customised features and bespoke personalised e-mail newsletter campaigns.
  • We reach more key target markets and create much higher levels of engagement through our digital platforms.
  • We create targeted digital campaigns to reach the right digital audiences.
  • We have proven mechanisms that promote business and investor influencer audience engagements.
  • We create in-detail reporting on users/readers across various digital platforms.
  • We have 541 937 daily active subscribers.

Our Digital Publications

Our titles provide you with highly engaged business and investor influencer audiences with high levels of response.

Our clients and stakeholders consume more digital than any other media type and we reach more key markets and create much higher levels of engagement through our digital platforms.

Email Sends

Let us send out your newsletters and improve your audience!

Audience Growth

The most important service we have here at Media|Connect is growing your audience. Not only on email, but across all your digital platforms.


Let us enlarge your audience and help you monitise your platform.

Innovative Solutions for Brands

Webinars, interviews, sponsored content, video content, page or section dominance campaigns, customised features and bespoke personalised e-mail newsletter campaigns.

Custom Dashboards

We pride ourselves on providing our stakeholder with custom digital platforms and dashboard to help complete day-to-day business operations and marketing objectives.

541 937

Happy Readers

The total amount of subscribers in our stable across all newsletters.


Publications Boarded

The total amount of publications we have brought onboard.

13 000 000

Our Audience

The amount of extra users and readers we have to increase publications.


Per Month

300 000 impressions, social media exposure, 1 native article with exposure to over 396 000 newsletter subscribers per month across 3 digital platforms. T&Cs Apply.

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